2015 Showreel


2015 Showreel Breakdown:

1. Short 3D Animation: Preying Mantis
Major university project with one partner, created over the duration of approximately 5 months. I created most assets in Blender, Zbrush for characters, and used Maya and Vray for the rest of the project. All aspects of the project was shared, except for a few areas: I was responsible solely for the environment but not rigging and fluids. – See more at:

2. Project Venus:
Venus and Jupiter were characters that I made in their entirety based on concept art from Mylinh Diep (Venus) and Nicole Tsang (Jupiter) for a personal short animation project. These took about a total of one month time to create, from modelling in Blender, sculpting and texturing in Zbrush, then rigging, animating and lighting back in Blender. Soon there will also be a Maya Vray rendered version of them.

3. Fruit Juice Commercial:
A freelance commercial I worked on in mid 2013 at Character Mill. I modelled and textured the fruit and bottles based on the client’s existing product with Blender. I also experimented with the initial bubbles VFX on the surface of the fruits

4. League of Legends – Polycount Contest Submission
This was a submission to the LoL contest in late 2014, where we had to design a tower and “creep den”, and composite it into the game’s new environment. Blender was used for modelling/UV, and texture was painted through a mixture of Blender and Photoshop. This was a fun project, and I enjoyed painting textures based on their new art style. Unfortunately during the project I was busy with life, so I couldn’t refine everything. Overall time spent on this was about 2-3 weeks.

5. Project Venus:
Jupiter! read above.

6. Cardboard Keep – Warden Melody of the Undergrowth
In late 2014 I started doing freelance work for Cardboard Keep, an indie game studio to make game assets for their new flagship title, Warden. This involved various assets like decals, seamless texture maps, concept art and fully completed game assets of various level of ruin. Here are a couple assets with their 3 levels of destruction. Each level shares the same texture map and UV layout. You can view some of these in full 3D in my website! The game is now Greenlit so check it out soon.

7. Mojikan Kash Karnival Trailer:
This was a commercial project I worked on in early 2014, it is for a mobile game called Mojikan. I was hired as an animation/compositing contractor for a month, however my main focus was creating the early versions of the trailer. This included basic camera angles and timing and blocking out the main character’s poses. I spent the rest of the time on the three scenes with 3D elements in them, by modelling and laying out most of the assets, however I did not make the main characters nor the final composited version.


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