About Me

Full resume (Feb 2015) can be provided upon request.

Brief info

Marco Chau “Mirar”

Age: 22

Nationality: Australian



  • Flying Bark and Wacom Best 3D CGI Animation Award for “Preying Mantis” – COFA Annual 2013


Latest Work Experience

Currently freelancing and interning at various jobs.

3D Generalist (13 Oct – 31 Oct 2014) – The Visualisation Company / Spinifex

I had the pleasure to work on a large event visualisation job involving making 10+ minutes of highly polished animated footage within a couple of weeks. Within the Viz-Mill team we approached it with the Blender pipeline. I covered a wide range of responsibilities, from modeling assets, scene assembling, compositing, rendering to VFX simulation. I had the opportunity to take responsibility for most of one particular scene’s VFX particle simulation.

3D Generalist Intern (23 Sept – 10 Oct 2014) –  Mirari & Co

I interned at Mirari originally to work on a company short film, where I modeled and sculpted various interesting assets. I also unexpectedly had the chance to work on a few pitches, which included working on storyboards, animatics and concept development.

3D Modeller/Artist (11 Sep – present) –  Cardboard Keep

In late 2014 I started doing freelance work for Cardboard Keep, an indie game studio to make game assets for their new flagship title, Warden. This involved various assets like decals, seamless texture maps, concept art and fully completed game assets of various level of ruin. I have continued to create and deliver assets to this studio til February 2015 so far.

3D Animator (22 April – 16th May 2014) – Royal Wins

I was hired 1month for the early to mid stages of a mobile game trailer. I worked on the pre-visualisation of the 3D animatic by setting up all camera shots, timing and key poses. Another large contribution I made was completing 2 full 3D scenes based on concept art, from modelling to compositing to depict their imaginative game world, along with 1 modelled and unwrapped scene.

Junior Artist (2 Nov 2012 – 25 Jan 2013) – Character Mill / the visualisation Company

Transitioned from an intern into a competent modeling freelancer using Blender over a course of a month. Following that I carried worked on a number of different projects such as the The Ribbon Grocon and Disney Toy Packaging job. Thus far, I have taken five additional freelance jobs on Commercial, Packaging and Mobile Apps. My main role so far is mainly to complete modeling tasks, less on rigging and texturing.






Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Aftereffects



Bachelor of Digital Media (University of New South Wales)

I started my University course in 2011 as my first official course towards 3D art/ Animation. This has so far provided many fundamental knowledge in the field, including fundamentals of Maya and a number of professional practices that will compliment my endeavor in this field.

Average of all university course performance (WAM): 77.920 – Distinction

Higher School Certificate (Australian International School Hong Kong)

I completed my high school course at AISHK on 2010. Exams achieving:

My ATAR (standing compared to all HSC participants) was ranked at 96.40 percentile.


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