Riot Art Polycount Contest

I’ve just made the final submission for the competition. It was a lot of fun and was great practice for creating game assets. I ended up rushing more than I would like to, as there was plenty I could polish and improve on, but with the holiday season and unfortunate illness, I think it wasn’t too bad.


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I’ve decided to give the Riot Art League of Legends art contest a shot, despite being a month short, I’ll try to knock out something with these couple of weeks I have before things get hectic again.

Here are the concept art I drew up so far for the Tower designs.

Currently debating which is the most appealing vs fits the LOL universe vs crafting practicality. 1-2 Seems to be the most fitting designs, and with some development the armor would look better. 3, 5, 6 Are practical to make but less interesting. 4 Is just a wildcard but it would be fun to make.I would love some feedback on to which idea stands out to you, and which one you believe fits in with LOL more.I’ll be working on the creep den designs later on, after I get a decent blocking out of the tower model up.