Project Venus Characters


Here’s the link to viewing this in full 3D!

Recently I managed to finish up and finalise these characters for a personal team project tagged as “Project Venus”. These are the two main characters that I have spent about a total of one month worth of work hours on sparsely across a few months of time.

Here’s the full 3D version with extra props!

I created these based on concept art from Mylinh Diep for Venus and Nicole Tsang for Jupiter. Both of these main characters went through the same pipeline. I modelled and unwrapped them in Blender, sculpted and in Zbrush, then rigged, animated and shaded in Blender’s internal render engine.
Venus_Final_03 Venus_Final_04 Jupiter_p18v2

These were a lot of fun, both creatively and a challenge to improve my character creation pipeline. I would in particular like to learn how to make better specular and gloss maps, because that is still a rather unfamiliar area for me.

Here some of the wonderful concept art that I was provided with.


Project completed mid 2014