Disney Toy Packaging

The second major project I worked on at Character Mill was for Disney. It was pretty unbelievable at the time, but the standards that the Disney director expected was right on.

The first toy packaging we had to visualise and enhance was of caricature Plane characters rolling down a wall mounted track. There was quite a lot of work involved in this task, and most of the detail might not be noticed at first glance, so I’ll add in some work in progress shots at the end of the post. My job started with modelling the track for The Planes toy track in Blender. It went through one rendition and basically had to be reset before beginning the concept as shown below, which was an interesting 3D artist moment.



The Cars track was pretty amazing, its a flip-track, where basically a portion of the track could flip and reveal a different setting and layout. Technically it was pretty challenging to model it according to the prototype, and making sure it could actually behave like the toy. I also modelled most of the base environment such as the background stadium, crowd and desert. The crowd was actually a fun exercise, I basically made 10 relatively low poly Cars like models and distributed them in the background with a particle system. I also made about four Cars main character caricatures, they were pretty high poly with appropriate stickers, car features etc.

fliptrack_orange_closeupFrancesco02 Gask-Its04


Project Completed early 2013