“Family of Thieves” – Enhanced

After finishing up the major animation, there was finally time to get back to side projects. This animation was sorely in need of some atmosphere and a proper environment to encapsulate the situation. So here it is!

This animation exercise was made in Maya for a Uni project. Basically we had to pick a dialogue piece (7-15sec), and animate using this provided Morpheus rig without any extra props. I chose the dialogue from the May 11 Second Club competition, and its from a scene in Iron Man 2.

In my reinterpretation of the scene, I chose to portray a swaggy 90s “gansta” persona. He supposedly has a gun on his right hand, and is hunting down a helpless victim that is crawling away.

I added a relatively detailed gun and dumpster model to the scene, and mainly played around with the lighting to set the mood. The victim should help convey the original concept slightly better than what seemed like a solo monologue.

Cheers to Andrew Silke, an awesome teacher for this course.

Project Completed mid 2013