Sydney “The Ribbon” Infrastructure Animation

This was my first “paid gig’ so to speak, and it was very cool and fun to work on.

I had a pretty large role in terms of modelling everything in the scene. It started with making a general landscape around the existing IMAX in Sydney, which involved trying to get the approximate height and form of buildings in block form. I had to ensure a pretty high accuracy for all the nearby roads and key buildings. Thanks Google map!

Next over a couple of weeks, I carefully analysed architecture sketches, floor plans and building blueprints to model the 3D version as accurate as possible. This was quite a challenge because all the data had to coalesce and make sense, but each piece of detail was spread out, so there was it was quite the puzzle and some give and take.

The brilliant part of the project was how the scene could be brought into Unity, and basically interacted with, so that the process of construction could be visualised. Each floor could be hidden and revealed in the order that it had to be built, starting from the basement and foundational beams. The video I have of it is only the fully constructed version, so some of the details is somewhat hidden – such as steel beams layout within each floor.

Project Completed early 2013